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'''Westwood Studios, Inc.''' was an American video game developer, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle in 1985 as '''Westwood Associates''' and was renamed Westwood Studios when it merged with Virgin Interactive in 1992. The company was bought from Virgin Interactive by Electronic Arts (EA) in 1998, and closed by EA in 2003.[ A brief history of Westwood Studios] at MobyGames Westwood is best known for developing real-time strategy, Adventure game|adventure and Role-playing video game|role-playing genres. It was listed in ''Guinness World Records'' for selling more than 10 million copies of ''Command & Conquer (1995 video game)|Command & Conquer'' worldwide. The last former Westwood employee quit working for Electronic Arts after the release of...
Successor| foundation = 1985
DefunctJanuary 29, 2003
LocationLas Vegas, Nevada
IndustryVideo game industry|Video games
Key people* Brett Sperry (founder)
Products* ''Eye of the Beholder (video game)|Eye of the Beholder'' series
OwnerElectronic Arts
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